NHRP - Natural Hazards Research Platform

A multi-party research platform funded by MBIE dedicated to increasing New Zealand's resilience to Natural Hazards via high quality collaborative research.

Aerial image of Mt Tongariro

Aerial surveys utilising hyperspectral technology with aero-magnetic data to classify the volcanic structure at depth, and to better understand and evaluate volcanic hazards. Project led by Dr Gabor Kereszturi (Massey University) as part of Contest 2017, 'Too big to fail? A multidisciplinary approach to predict collapse and debris flow hazard.' (Photo: GNS Science)


Past geological evidence along the Hikurangi Subduction Zone - April 2019.  A published study lays out evidence of 10 possible large earthquakes along the HSZ in the past 7500 years, combining data collected from 22 sites that have been studied over the past 25 years and several new sites. More here.

NZ Herald article features latest Mt Taranaki research - April 2019

Prof Misko Cubrinovski from University of Canterbury receives prestigious award from the American Society of Civil Engineers - March 2019



Last updated 17 April 2019

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