NHRP - Natural Hazards Research Platform

A multi-party research platform funded by MBIE dedicated to increasing New Zealand's resilience to Natural Hazards via high quality collaborative research.

Aerial image of Mt Tongariro

Aerial surveys utilising hyperspectral technology with aero-magnetic data to classify the volcanic structure at depth, and to better understand and evaluate volcanic hazards. Project led by Dr Gabor Kereszturi (Massey University) as part of Contest 2017, 'Too big to fail? A multidisciplinary approach to predict collapse and debris flow hazard.' (Photo: GNS Science)


The 10-year NHRP programme has come to a close … BUT you can continue to read up on ongoing & new natural hazards research by visiting the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges (Link) website.

Report - 'Building to Recover' - 31 Jan 2020

Report - 'New Zealand's long-term resilience to wind storms' - 5 Dec 2019

Report - 'Research-informed advancements in engineering guidelines & standards' - 5 Dec 2019

Contest 2017 reports online - 5 Dec 2019

'Natural Hazards' issues online - an update on current projects and a reflection of the past 10 years - 30 August 2019

RNC-NHRP Te Papa Research Forum: Slides available - Presentations from the forum co-hosted by the Resilience to Nature's Challenges & Natural Hazards Research Platform.  (Link to presentations) - 21 June 2019

Last updated 31 Jan 2020

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