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Contest 2012 - Final Reports

New Zealand Natural Hazards

Lessons Learned from Christchurch

Great megathrust earthquake hazard

Dr Bruce Hayward /Geomarine Research / $360,000 GST ex
  • See also Hayward et al  (2015) Subsidence-driven environmental change in three Holocene embayments of Ahuriri Inlet, Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, available online
  • See also Hayward et al (2016) Salt-marsh foraminiferal record of 10 large Holocene (last 7500 yr) earthquakes on a subducting plate margin, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  Geol Soc America Bull, v. 128, no. 5-6, p. 896-915, available online

Optimization and testing of hybrid earthquake forecasting models

Dr David Rhoades / GNS Science / $200,000 GST ex

Matauranga Maori for volcanic hazard

Dr Jonathan Procter / Massey University / $270,000 GST ex

Improving tsunami warnings and real time hazard assessment in New Zealand’s ports and harbours

Dr William Power / GNS Science / $600,000 GST ex

Alpine Fault Earthquake Recurrence

Drs Kate Clark & Ursula Cochran / GNS Science / $311,000 GST ex

See the video from their recent public seminar (♦ Link).

Submarine landslide-tsunami hazard

Drs Joshu Mountjoy & William Power/ NIWA & GNS Science / $440,000 GST ex
  • See also Power, W., Mountjoy, J., Lane, E., Popinet, S., Wang, X. (2016) Assessing landslide-tsunami hazard in submarine canyons, using the cook strait canyon system as an example  Science of Tsunami Hazards, 35 (3), pp. 145-166.

Storm-tide hazards in estuaries

Drs Rob Bell & Scott Stephens / NIWA / $300,000 GST ex

Wind speed hill shape multipliers

Dr Michael Revell / NIWA / $420,000 GST ex

EBF demand and repair

A/Prof Charles Clifton / University of Auckland / $299,000 GST ex

Residual capacity & repairing options

Professor Stefano Pampanin / University of Canterbury / $450,000 GST ex
  • See also Elwood K et al (2016) Draft Framework for Assessing Residual Capacity of Earthquake-Damaged Concrete Buildings, Paper No. O-12, New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Conference, 1-3 April 2016, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Economic lessons from Christchurch

Dr Levente Timar / Motu, GNS Science / $450,000 GST ex
Working papers ahead of final report -
  • 14-08. Natural selection: Firm performance following the Canterbury earthquakes. 14-08. August 2014. (♦ Link)
  • 14-13. That sinking feeling: The changing price of disaster risk following an earthquake. 14-13. Nov 2014. (♦ Link) 
  • 15-19. Before a Fall: Impacts of earthquake regulation and building codes on the commercial building market. Oct 2015 (♦ Link)
  • 16-07. Labour market dynamics following a regional disaster.  May 2016 (♦ Link)

Did artesian groundwater contribute to Christchurch liquefaction and lateral spreading damage?

Dr Simon Cox / GNS Science / $490,000 GST ex

Reinforced concrete walls

Dr Richard Henry / University of Auckland / $230,000 GST ex

Retrofit solutions for heritage URM buildings

Professor Jason Ingham / University of Auckland / $300,000 GST ex

Active submarine faulting and earthquake potential: North Canterbury & Marlborough

Dr Philip Barnes / NIWA / $280,000 GST ex

Quantifying contributions to seismic hazard

Dr Anna Kaiser & A/Prof Brendon Bradley / GNS Science & Univ Canterbury / $500,000

Faster rebuilds with MRCGE

Professor Shane Cronin / University of Auckland / $250,000 GST ex
  • See also McDonald GW, Cronin SJ,  Kim J.-H, Smith NJ, Murray CA, Procter JN (2017) Computable general equilibrium modelling of economic impacts from volcanic event scenarios at regional and national scale, Mt. Taranaki, New Zealand. Bulletin of Volcanology, 79:87

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