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2015 Funded Projects

For contest 2015, the available funding amounted to $3.2 million (GST ex).  We received 66 applications and selected 13 for funding (see below). The Platform Management and Strategic Advisory Groups extend their appreciation to all applicants for their submissions.  The next contestable round will be in July 2017.

Paradigm of Alpine Fault Paleoseismicity  (More info)

Dr Robert Langridge / GNS Science / $298,100 GST ex. 

Shaken and stirred: Okataina Caldera (More info)  

Dr Ian Hamling / GNS Science / $245,450 GST ex

Unknown faults under cities (More info)

Dr Pilar Villamor / GNS Science / $326,092 GST ex   

Modelling earthquake engineering seismic parameters  (More info)

Drs Caroline Holden & Yoshi Kaneko / GNS Science  / $124,200 GST ex  

Southern Lakes Tsunami Hazard (More info)

Dr Joshu Mountjoy / NIWA  / $300,000 GST ex.  See 'News from the field' (◊ Link).

High-water red-alert calendar (More info)

Drs Rob Bell & Emily Lane / NIWA / $150,000 GST ex

Marlborough faults (More info)

Dr Philip Barnes / NIWA / $200,000 GST ex

Faster Flood Forecast (More info)

Dr Graeme Smart / NIWA / $200,000 GST ex

National Volcano Hazard Model (More info)

Prof. Mark Bebbington / Massey University / $289,639 GST ex.  Bebbington will present this research at  EGU2016.

Large-scale PDC Hazard Impact Simulations (More info)

Dr Gert Lube / Massey University / $289,241 GST ex

Coupled soil-foundation-structure systems earthquake response (More info)

A/Prof. Nawawi Chouw / University of Auckland / $297,500 GST ex

Seismic Hazard of Kekerengu Fault (More info)

Prof. Timothy Little / Victoria University, Wellington / $182,778 GST ex

Disaster Risk Full Cost Accounting (More info)

Drs Charlotte Brown & Nicky Smith / Resilient Organisations / $297,000 GST ex.  See their new report - added 19 May 2016(♦ Link)      

*Subcontracting to other agencies not shown.

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