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Contest 2017 and future rounds

Q & A 

What is the significance of this funding round?

Up to 10 percent of the NHRP annual budget of $14 million is allocated to contestable research proposals. This round invited proposals covering the five themes of the NHRP. The projects will augment existing NHRP research and will strengthen or lead into new areas of research of national significance. 

This is the last contestable round for the NHRP. 

Why were these projects chosen?

The 11 selected proposals demonstrated exceptional science quality and high utility to end-users.  58 research proposals were received amounting to a total value of $18.9 million. Most submissions represented research of significant merit, but available funding meant that only 11 could be selected. Decisions were based on known criteria and the process was transparent, with every applicant having the same information and opportunities. The new research will complement efforts in the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges National Science Challenge and QuakeCoRE, the Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) in earthquake resilience.

Who made the funding decisions?

Decisions were made by a panel comprising the leadership group of the Natural Hazards Research Platform, representatives of national stakeholder groups, and an international peer review group.

Which research institutions will receive funding from the research grants?

14 New Zealand organisations will receive funding via the research grants. They include:

  • 3 CRI’s (GNS Science, NIWA and Landcare Research);
  • 4 universities (Auckland, Massey, Canterbury and Otago);
  • 3 independent research organisations (Market Economics, Resilient Organisations and BRANZ); and
  • 4 other entities providing various specialist expertise.

Several overseas collaborations will also play a significant role in the research to be undertaken, but will not receive funding for salary.

When will the funding start?

Funding will be available for 2 years from 1 November 2017

What are the options for those who were unsuccessful?

There are a range of alternate funding mechanisms such as the Royal Society Marsden Fund and MBIE contestable, where researchers may submit their proposals as calls are made. Many stakeholders also have research funds available for applied research.

Will there be a report from each successful project when it is completed in two years time?

Yes, completion reports will be made public via the NHRP website and research results will be disseminated via presentations to stakeholder groups and at technical conferences.

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Last updated 13 Nov 2017