Contest 2012 Final Reports

New Zealand Natural Hazards

Lessons Learned from Christchurch

Great megathrust earthquake hazard

Dr Bruce Hayward /Geomarine Research / $360,000 GST ex
  • See also Hayward et al  (2015) Subsidence-driven environmental change in three Holocene embayments of Ahuriri Inlet, Hikurangi Subduction Margin, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, available online
  • New!  See also Hayward et al (2016) Salt-marsh foraminiferal record of 10 large Holocene (last 7500 yr) earthquakes on a subducting plate margin, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.  Geol Soc America Bull, v. 128, no. 5-6, p. 896-915, available online

Optimization and testing of hybrid earthquake forecasting models

Dr David Rhoades / GNS Science / $200,000 GST ex

Matauranga Maori for volcanic hazard

Dr Jonathan Procter / Massey University / $270,000 GST ex

Improving tsunami warnings and real time hazard assessment in New Zealand’s ports and harbours

Dr William Power / GNS Science / $600,000 GST ex

Alpine Fault Earthquake Recurrence

Drs Kate Clark & Ursula Cochran / GNS Science / $311,000 GST ex

See the video from their recent public seminar (♦ Link).

Submarine landslide-tsunami hazard

Drs Joshu Mountjoy & William Power/ NIWA & GNS Science / $440,000 GST ex

Storm-tide hazards in estuaries

Drs Rob Bell & Scott Stephens / NIWA / $300,000 GST ex

Wind speed hill shape multipliers

Dr Michael Revell / NIWA / $420,000 GST ex

EBF demand and repair

A/Prof Charles Clifton / University of Auckland / $299,000 GST ex

Residual capacity & repairing options

Professor Stefano Pampanin / University of Canterbury / $450,000 GST ex
  • See also Elwood K et al (2016) Draft Framework for Assessing Residual Capacity of Earthquake-Damaged Concrete Buildings, Paper No. O-12, New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Conference, 1-3 April 2016, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Economic lessons from Christchurch

Dr Levente Timar / Motu, GNS Science / $450,000 GST ex
Working papers ahead of final report -
  • 14-08. Natural selection: Firm performance following the Canterbury earthquakes. 14-08. August 2014. (♦ Link)
  • 14-13. That sinking feeling: The changing price of disaster risk following an earthquake. 14-13. Nov 2014. (♦ Link) 
  • 15-19. Before a Fall: Impacts of earthquake regulation and building codes on the commercial building market. Oct 2015 (♦ Link)
  • 16-07. Labour market dynamics following a regional disaster.  May 2016 (♦ Link)

Did artesian groundwater contribute to Christchurch liquefaction and lateral spreading damage?

Dr Simon Cox / GNS Science / $490,000 GST ex

Reinforced concrete walls

Dr Richard Henry / University of Auckland / $230,000 GST ex

Retrofit solutions for heritage URM buildings

Professor Jason Ingham / University of Auckland / $300,000 GST ex

Active submarine faulting and earthquake potential: North Canterbury & Marlborough

Dr Philip Barnes / NIWA / $280,000 GST ex

Quantifying contributions to seismic hazard

Dr Anna Kaiser & A/Prof Brendon Bradley / GNS Science & Univ Canterbury / $500,000

Faster rebuilds with MRCGE

Professor Shane Cronin / University of Auckland / $250,000 GST ex

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