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Active Landscapes 2014-15

Lessons Learned from Christchurch - Quantifying seismic response of slopes in Christchurch & Wellington (Project leader: Chris Massey).  In August 2014, the research team produced a set of reports providing expert analyses on the risk of landslides, cliff collapse, and rockfall in the Port Hills area for the Christchurch City Council. The reports covered 126 dwellings where the risk from landslides was considered intolerable with regards to the threshold defined by council, and an additional 433 dwellings considered for Government acquisition at significant cost. This work has relied heavily on the underpinning results from research carried out under the Landslide theme of the Platform and specifically the "Seismic response of slopes" project.

The research team took part in community meetings at the request of Christchurch City to share findings from landslide risk assessments, and to provide affected residents with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the technical aspects of the work with council and GNS Science representatives.

Port Hills slope stability risk assessment results have also been used to underpin the hazard management zones in the Christchurch City Replacement District Plan.

For more information, see Chris' report in Natural Hazards 2014 - 'Quantifying the Seismic Response of Slopes in Christchurch and Wellington' (♦ Link).

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Last updated 16 Dec 2015