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Tsunami Research 2014-15




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NIWA and GNS Science work collaboratively with NZ end-users on tsunami hazard, with both CRIs represented on GeoNet’s tsunami experts panel.

In research led by NIWA, Joshu Mountjoy reported findings on submarine landslide hazard in the Cook Strait. His team developed a probabilistic approach to modelling landslide tsunami within submarine canyons which is a first in the published literature and this approach can be applied elsewhere. Mountjoy’s study demonstrates the hazard to Wellington’s south coast and the team shared their findings with the Wellington Regional Council (♦ See Mountjoy's report in 'Contest 2012').

In research led by GNS Science, Power and colleagues developed numerical modelling grids to estimate tsunami impacts at four key ports: Marsden Point, Port of Tauranga, Port Taranaki, and Lyttelton Harbour. For each port, they developed a set of distant-source tsunami simulations.  The format was designed with the end-user in mind in its ease of use (clickable pdf) and that it is similar in format to the existing New Zealand threat-level database (♦ See Power's report in 'Contest 2012').

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Last updated 15 Dec 2015