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Outputs & Publications

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Here you'll find updates from the ERI programme  -


◊ Presentation by Economics of Resilient Infrastructure, Council Chambers, Auckland Town Hall - 3 Nov 2015

In the News

◊ NZ Herald article "Huge blow if eruption hit factory zones' covers study by DEVORA and Economics of Resilient Infrastructure team (♦ Link) - 11 May 2015

Research Reports (♦ Link)

  • Businesses and the Canterbury earthquakes: how do their experiences translate to other contexts?
  • Multiple infrastructure failures and restoration estimates from an Alpine Fault earthquake: Capturing modelling information for MERIT
  • Economics of Resilient Infrastructure Auckland Volcanic Field scenario
  • Developing the Business Behaviours Module within MERIT
  • Updated! List of Research Publications as of 30 June 2016
  • Development of a regional social accounting framework for New Zealand
  • Single infrastructure failures: capturing outage information for MERIT Modelling the Economics of Resilient Infrastructure Tool
  • Disruption and Resilience: How organisations coped with the Canterbury Earthquakes

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