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Team and Stakeholders


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Economics of Resilient Infrastructure (EoRI)

  • Project Team: GNS Science, Market Economics Ltd, Resilient Organisations, Research Institute for Knowledge Systems (RIKS). Auckland Council, Tony Fenwick (Wellington) and Simon Worthington (Christchurch) are also involved.
  • Main potential users and other stakeholders include: Auckland Council, Treasury (National Infrastructure Unit), lifeline utilities and a range of other central and local government organisations.
  • An independent Advisory Group has been set up to guide the work.


Funding of $2.8 m over 4-years was granted within the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s 2012 Investment Round. The project has connections to a number of other New Zealand central government funded programmes including the Natural Hazards Platform.

The project will rely on in-kind support from stakeholders and others including the provision of Geographical Information System (GIS) information. This will need to cover infrastructure layouts, initially for Auckland and Christchurch.

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Updated 15 May 2018