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Platform Management Group

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Current Members

Dr Catherine Pinal - Platform Manager 

Dr Gill Jolly - GNS Science (2014-present)

Dr Sam Dean - NIWA (2015-present)

Professor Pierre Quenneville - University of Auckland (2013-present)

Professor Peter Kemp - Massey University (2009-present)

Professor Rajesh Dhakal - University of Canterbury (2016-present)

Ms Wendy Turvey - Opus Research (2017-present)

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Past Members

Dr Hannah Brackley - Past NHRP Director, GNS Science (2015-16)

Dr Kelvin Berryman -  Past NHRP Director, GNS Science (2009-15)

Dr Terry Webb - GNS Science (2009-14)

Dr Murray Poulter - NIWA (2009-14)

Professor Michael Davies - University of Auckland, (2009-13)

Professor Jarg Pettinga - University of Canterbury (2009-15)

Mr Ben Holland - Opus Research (2009-11)

Mr Peter Benfell - Opus Research (2011-17)

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Last updated 6 Dec 2017