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The 10-year Natural Hazards Research Platform programme has come to a close … BUT you can continue to read up on ongoing & new natural hazards research by visiting the Resilience to Nature’s Challenges (Link) website.

Thanks to all those who have been involved with NHRP over the years, and to MBIE Science & Innovation (Link) for their support.

 New Zealand Workshops for the 2019 Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction -  David Johnston of Massey University and colleagues, will provide an overview of the key outcomes of the 2019 Global Platform and discuss further opportunities for New Zealand researchers, research institutions and other groups to connect to international science and technology efforts. Other researchers involved in global initiatives will also be invited to attend and share their connections and opportunities. See the flyer for workshop dates and times.


RNC-NHRP Research Forum- A joint forum co-hosted by the Resilience to Nature's Challenges and Natural Hazards Research Platform.  Presentations from the forum are available online (LINK).  Venue: Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, 30-31 May 2019, Wellington

11th Pacific Conference on Earthquake Engineering - a conference in partnership with the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering (NZSEE) & Australian Earthquake Engineering Society. Venue: SkyCity Auckland,  4-6 April 2019.  NHRP Research Workshop aligned w/ the 11th PCEE -  'Resilient Engineering, Infrastructure & Communities' - 3 April 2019 (more info)

Geosciences 2018 - Geoscience Society of New Zealand annual conference, 27-30 November 2018, Napier Convention Centre, Napier, New Zealand

Canterbury Earthquakes Symposium, 29-30 November 2018, University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. This Symposium will be an event of national importance, sharing lessons from the Canterbury earthquakes so that New Zealand as a whole can be better prepared in future for any similar natural disasters.

MCDEM's National Emergency Management Conference, "Partners for Resilience," 30-31 May 2018, Te Papa Museum, Wellington.

New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering Annual Conference - 'Next Generation of Low Damage and Resilient Structures', 27-29 April 2017, Wellington, New Zealand.

Statsei 10 - 10th International Workshop on Statistical Seismology, The meeting will cover statistical descriptions of earthquake occurrences, earthquake physics, earthquake forecasting, forecast evaluations, earthquake triggering, and much more.  In Wellington, New Zealand, 20-24 Feb 2017.

American Geophysical Union, 12-16 Dec 2016, San Francisco, CA

GeoSciences 2016 -An annual conference of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand, Lake Wanaka Centre, Wanaka, 28 Nov - 1 Dec 2016.

4th International Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction – ‘Sustainable Disaster Recovery:  Addressing Risks and Uncertainty’, 17-20 Oct 2016. 

Volcano Short Course - 12-13 Oct 2016, Rydges, Rotorua.  This course is designed for those involved in all aspects of natural hazards management: planners, educators, engineers, local & central government policy makers, insurance managers, emergency managers, and business, utility and property owners.

Research-Practice Workshop - Exploring the links between child-centred disaster risk reduction education & community-focused initiatives: connecting research, policy and practice.  10 Oct 2016, Museum of Wellington City & Sea.  Free but need to register by e-mail.

6th International Conference on Building Resilience - 'Building Resilience to Address the Unexpected', 7-9 Sept 2016, University of Auckland.

Call for Nominations - Natural Hazards Social Science Panel. - Deadline for nominations by 1 September 2016

12th International Symposium on Landslides, 12-19 June 2016, Napoli, Italy

The Future of Emergency Management, 1-2 June 2016, Te Papa Wellington.  A national emergency management conference hosted by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management in conjunction with the 9th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference. 

Stormwater Conference - 'Resilient Stormwater Systems','Organised by Water New Zealand, 18-20 May, Nelson

Conference of the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering- 'Reducing Risk, Raising Resilience', 1-3 April, Christchurch

 People in Disasters Conference, 24-26 Feb 2016, Christchurch.  There is also a pre-conference workshop on 'The Sendai Framework - What can NZ contribute, what can NZ learn?' Workshop is limited to 20 participants.  Video of conference presentations available online.

The New Zealand National Seismic Hazard Model -  A seminar by Dr Matt Gerstenberger (GNS Science), sponsored by the New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering.  Venue: Aronui Lecture Theatre, Royal Society of New Zealand, Wellington. Date: 1 Feb 2016, 4pm.  No RSVP required.

Geosciences 2015, 24-27 Nov, Victoria University of Wellington.  An annual conference of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand

6th International Conference on Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering, 1-4 November 2015, Christchurch, New Zealand

8th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference, 12-16 October 2015, University Club of WA, Perth, Australia. Conference is held on 13-14 October, with workshops on 12, 15-16 October.

Coasts & Ports Auckland 2015, 15-18 Sept, Pullman Hotel, Auckland.

Volcano Short Course, 8-9 Sept 2015, Mercure Hotel, Auckland. This two day course will present a state-of-the-art assessment of volcanic hazards in New Zealand. Designed for those involved in all aspects of natural hazard management.

40th Annual Natural Hazards Research & Applications Workshop, 19-22 July 2015, Colorado, USA

American Meteorological Society, Raleigh, North Carolina, 9-12 June 2015. Social scientist Sally Potter (JCDR) is working with MetService's Peter Kreft and Chris Noble to develop a weather-based early warning system. In June, Sally gave a presentation to the American Meteorological Society which you can listen to online (AUDIO).

New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering, 10-12 April 2015, Rotorua - New Dimensions in Earthquake Resilience - in memory of Dr Ivan Skinner, Energy Events Centre, Rotorua.

SAANZ 2014 - Sociological Association of Aotearoa, New Zealand, 4-5 Dec 2014 'The Social Impact of the Canterbury Earthquakes', University of Canterbury, Christchurch NZ

2014 Water Symposium Integration: ‘The Final Frontier,’ 24-28 Nov 2014, Marlborough Convention Centre, Blenheim - Joint conference for the NZ Hydrological Society, NZ Freshwater Sciences Society, IPENZ Rivers Group

Geosciences 2014, 24-27 November, New Plymouth. An annual Conference of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand

‘Forecasts: from minutes to decades’ The Meteorological Society of New Zealand, 19-21 Nov 2014, VUW – annual conference.

Media, Disasters and the Public, 10 Oct 2014. A communications workshop for natural hazards researchers, scientists and engineers.

7th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference: "Building a Resilient Nation", Te Papa, Wellington, 23-24 September, 2014. Call for papers: 1 June 2014. To submit your abstract or get more information, e-mail AHMC organisers.

 ASEC 2014 - Australasia Structural Engineering Conference, 8-11 July, Sky City Auckland. Audio presentations available on Platform-funded work by Mashal & Palermo (Advanced Bridge Construction & Design), MacRae et al (structural design) and Lin et al (Building performance with DEE Data).

IRDR 2014 Conference, 7-9 June, Beijing, China. David Johnston (Chair, IRDR Scientific Committee), Wendy Saunders (GNS), Christine Kenney (Massey), Emma Hudson-Doyle (Massey) and Tom Huggins (Massey) will present their findings at this meeting.

 New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering - "Towards Integrated Seismic Design," 21-23 March 2014, Aotea Center, Auckland. Keynote speakers include Robert Reitherman (CUREE) and David Wald (USGS); Invited speakers include Jonathan Bray (UC Berkeley), Jason Ingham (University of Auckland), Jimmy Higgins (Vero Earthquake Response), and John van de Lindt (Colorado State University). Link to presentations.

19th NZ Geotechnical Society Symposium: "Hanging by a Thread?" Lifelines, Infrastructure, and Natural Disasters," 20-23 November 2013, Queenstown. Featured speakers include Misko Cubrinovski (UOC) and Michael J. Pender (UOA) on seismic assessment and design of foundations and buried infrastructure; also Mauri McSaveney (GNS) and Chris Massey (GNS) on risk models for boulder roll and cliff collapse.

The NZ Hydrological Society & The Meteorological Society of NZ Joint Conference, "Water & Weather: Solutions for Health, Wealth, and Environment," 19-22 November 2013, Palmerston North.

Geosciences 2013, 24-27 November 2013. University of Canterbury, Christchurch. An annual conference of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand.

 Natural Hazards Resilience: Partnerships between Science, Policy and Practice, 14 May 2013, Wellington. A stakeholder workshop with the Natural Hazards Research Platform

 Joyner Memorial Lecture 2013 - Kelvin Berryman's presentation at the USGS (April 2013). Kelvin’s talk covers the Canterbury earthquake sequence of 2010-11; includes insurance perspectives and Q + A session. [VIDEO may take a few seconds to upload - 75:05 minutes].

 New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering "Same Risks - New Realities," 26-28 April 2013, Wellington. Link to poster papers available here.

 Steel Innovations Conference 2013, 21-22 February 2013. Christchurch. Website includes access to conference papers and presentations. Media coverage about the conference available at this link.

 Earthquake Engineering Research Institute 2013 Annual Meeting, 12-15 February, Seattle, Washington (USA). Includes a special section on the Canterbury earthquakes. The presentations are online at the EERI website. Featured speakers included Kelvin Berryman (NHRP Director) and David Johnston (Societal Theme leader).


NZ Hydrological Society Conference – “Water: Know your limits," Nov 2012.

Topics covered included hydraulics and flooding (Graeme Smart,Riskscape) and groundwater (Simon Cox, GNS). Previous conference Dec 2011, Nelson.

 6th Australasian Natural Hazards Management Conference 2012 "From warnings to effective response and recovery." University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, 21-22 August 2012. Contact: ahmc@hazards-education.org

 2012 Winter Lectures: Hazards, disasters, risks and responses: Auckland are you ready?

  • 17 July 2012 to 21 August 2012 - Speakers: Asaad Shamseldin, Charles Clifton and Jan Lindsay.

 Canterbury Earthquake Research Forum (UOC)

  • 5 June 2012 Theme: “Renewal & Resilience” - Speakers: Pettinga, Vargo, Giovinazzi, Matt Hughes, Palermo, Bernard Walker (STPX), Conradson (STPX) and others; Previous conference: 2 Sept 2011
  • Link to details and video

New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering - 2012 Annual Technical Conference - "Implementing Lessons Learnt", Christchurch, New Zealand, 13-15 April 2012. Visit the NZSEE conference website for more information.

CILTNZ 2012 International Conference: The Logistics of Natural Disaster Recovery.

Featured sessions on readiness, response, and recovery with attendance & participation by end user organisations. Speakers included Murray Poulter, floods; Ken Gledhill, GeoNet; Bruce Glavovic, community & infrastructural recovery.

NZ Coastal Society Conference: “Life’s a beach: Enjoy coastal resources today and into the future.” Sponsored by NIWA. Nelson, 7-9 Nov 2011. Featured speakers: Rob Bell (NIWA), Phil Barnes (NIWA), Ryan Paulik, RiskScape – with substantial stakeholder engagement.

Canterbury Earthquakes Science and Engineering Briefing - held at the University of Canterbury 

  • 14 July 2011 – Speakers: Jarg Pettinga, Terry Webb, Kelvin Berryman, Chris Massey (GNS), Sjoerd van Ballegooy (Tonkin & Taylor), Dmytro Dizhur (UOA, J Ingham PhD student), Stefano Pampanin (UOC)
  • 30 May 2011 – Speakers: Berryman, Phil Barnes (NIWA), Ray Wood (GNS), Vaughn Stagpoole (GNS), Jarg Pettinga, Matt Gerstenberger (GNS), Misko Cubrinovski (UOC), Sjoerd van Ballegooy (Tonkin & Taylor), Chris Massey (GNS), John Hare (Holmes), Maureen Mooney (GNS)

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