Resilience to Wind Storms

An image showing developments in NZ resilience to windstorms

Proposed New Zealand wind regions (left). Proposed New Zealand lee zones (right). The research findings will improve the wind loading standard AS/NZS 1170.2 for New Zealand.

Tools & Knowledge to Improve New Zealand’s Long Term Resilience to Wind Storms

Project leader: Peter Cenek (Opus Research), in collaboration with University of Auckland, GNS Science and NIWA.

Final Report -

  • Plus 'Wind damage and resilience' Build Magazine, issue 165, April/mMay 2018 (Link)

This programme will combine several strands of research to improve the resilience and robustness of New Zealand’s infrastructure for the effects of wind storms. The research will be used to focus efforts to inform and improve:

  • Mitigation measures such as retrofitting, land-use planning and building code enforcement
  • Current procedures for determining design wind speeds
  • Our understanding of how climate change will affect the nation’s wind vulnerability so that appropriate actions can be taken to reduce the impact

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Last updated 10 Dec 2019