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NZ Sendai Symposium

A logo for the New Zealand symposium on disaster risk reduction

A series of talks to frame New Zealand's participation in the Sendai Framework. Hosted by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management at Te Papa Tongarewa, Wellington, June 2015.



  • Proceedings - Dr Jonathan Boston (VUW)
  • Opening Address: Hon Nikki Kaye, Minister of Civil Defence
  • Overview of the Sendai Framework: Phillip Gibson (Special Envoy for Disaster Risk Reduction, MFAT)and Jo Horrocks (MCDEM)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

◊ Session 1 -

Understanding disaster risk. Moderator: Dr Kelvin Berryman (Director, Natural Hazards Research Platform)

1.1 Hazards

  • Panel: Gill Jolly (GNS), Rob Bell (NIWA), Jane Olsen (Auckland Council) 
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

1.2 Economic risks and resilience

  • Panel: Tim Grafton (ICNZ), Girol Karacaoglu (Treasury), Arthur Grimes (Motu), Derek Gill (NZIER)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

1.3 Societal risks and resilience

  • Panel: Julia Becker (GNS), JC Gaillard (Univ Auckland), Sarb Johal (JCDR), Rosemary Du Plessis (Univ Canterbury), Suzanne Phibbs (Massey Univ)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

1.4 Risk assessment and communication

  • Panel: Graeme Smart (NIWA), Nick Horspool (GNS), John McClure (VUW), Emma Hudson-Doyle (JCDR)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

◊ Session 2 -

Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk.  Moderator: Sarah Stuart-Black (Director, MCDEM)

2.1 Strengthening disaster risk governance to manage disaster risk.

  • Panel: Mayor Celia Wade-Brown (Wellington City Council), Andrew Kibblewhite (DPMC), Basil Chamberlain (Taranaki Regional Council), Jenny McMahon (NZ Red Cross), Bruce Glavovic (Massey Univ)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

◊ Keynote -   Mayor Lianne Dalziel, Christchurch City Council


◊ Session 3 -

Investing in disaster risk reduction for resilience. Moderator: Sir Maarten Wevers (Chair, Earthquake Commission)

3.1 Spatial planning and building/infrastructure resilience

  • Panel: Wendy Saunders (GNS), Marje Russ (Tonkin & Taylor), Roger Fairclough (National Infrastructure Unit), Mike Stannard (MBIE), Paul Cambell (SESOC), Ken Elwood (Univ Auckland)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

3.2 Risk transfer and finance

  • Panel: Bryan Dunne (EQC), Hilary Blake (Treasury), Bryce Davies (IAG), Paul Johnson (Wellington City Council)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

◊ Session 4 -

Enhancing disaster preparedness for effective response and to ‘build back better’ in recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction. Moderator: Mike Gillooly (Chief Resilience Officer, Christchurch City Council)

4.1 Readiness and response

  • Panel: David Johnston (JCDR), Sally Potter (GNS), Richard Woods (Auckland Council), Lisa Langer (Scion)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

4.2 Recovery: Build back better

  • Panel: John Vargo (Resilient Organisations), Sandeeka Mannakkara (Univ Auckland), Dave Brunsdon (Kestrel), Rod Cameron (SCIRT)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

4.3 Recovery: Community resilience

  • Panel: Benesia Smith (CERA), Cassie Kenney (JCDR), Elizabeth McNaughton (NZ Red Cross), Dan Neely (WREMO)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

◊ Closing Remarks

  • Speakers: Sarah-Jayne McCurrach and Sarah Stuart-Black (MCDEM)
  • Full screen view (♦ Link)

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